1068 Joliet St, Dyer, IN 46311, United States.
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Our clients are very satisfied to take our services

This place is actually very excellent and super clean. Normally ethnic food marts are weak and have a few shelves of goods but this place has everything you could ever want that caters to Serbian kitchen. You can get a nice selection of Cevapi here. I just love how clean the place is and modern. Get the green olives if you go. What a great store and resource for NWI Indiana. Def worth the drive. If you are Serb/Croat , def come!

George Nikokiris

Dyer City, Indiana
Dropped in to see what they have. Here in south Florida we do not have much selection of Balkin foods. I kind of over did it. Bought 6 chocolate rice bars, 3 chunks of smoked meats, vegeta and vanilla sugars, Chevaps and anything else I could fit in my carry on. Only a little explain to tsa and I was fine. Prices are great. Highly recommend. I heard they are opening a website so I can order it and not feel like I’m coming from the selo.

Mike T

Dyer City, Indiana
My son's first Nanny was from Poland. He still gets a taste for the candies and cookies that Genia used to bring for him. He also likes a chicken soup mix and several of the unusual juice blends that we can find at Euromart. This store is a fun, affordable and clean destination. It provides some novelty in a time when travel to far away places feels far away.

Liz Carr Ganshirt

Dyer City, Indiana
Hungarian csiga noodles were great. This place has an interesting selection of other European goods. They also have Milka! I highly recommend this place.

Ryan Brummet

Dyer City, Indiana
I go to Euro Mart for the Suvi vrat and other cured meats they sell. Everything looks so good that I am afraid to stay in the store any longer for fear that I will eat everything.

Mark Hardig

Dyer City, Indiana
Excellent store, friendly personal ..so many things to choose....food, coffee, sweet stuff, Frozen food and drink.

Ljubinko Panjkovic

Dyer city, Indiana

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